WOAH! I totally have a NuFACE!

It’s been two weeks of using my NuFace five times a week and I’m really starting to see some changes. My face feels a lot tighter which is making me think I should change up my routine and use NuFACE right before the Nu-wscast (ha!) so I can show off my Nu-found look!

2016-02-26 00.20.16

It’s been such a nice, relaxing time for me to roll the cool device onto my skin. It feels great! I did notice if you don’t apply enough gel, you might feel a teeny, tiny zing. So be sure you apply the gel all over the spots you plan on rolling your NuFace onto. It DOES NOT work with dry skin. I mentioned last time that I think it’s helping with my wrinkly forehead issue and I’m noticing improvements more and more each day. I think I’m pretty expressive when I anchor and I don’t really want to change that, but I also don’t want to look like I’m 65 when I’m a cool 35! So I’ve been running that NuFACE on my forehead and enjoying the results.

2016-02-26 00.20.57 2016-02-26 00.20.44


NO MAKE UP MEANS NO JUDGING PLEASE!!! I’m used to packing on the foundation, blush, etc. for work, so I feel very vulnerable with these photos. But, I just want to show you the real effects. Raw, real, sun spots, lines, hopefully all gone soon…

I want to show you the comparison between BEFORE and TWO WEEKS LATER. What do you think?

2016-02-26 00.19.38 2016-02-26 00.19.51 2016-02-26 00.19.55


Two weeks ago:

nuface before 1 nuface before smile nuface before

I’ll be updating every Friday for two more weeks to show you what else I start to notice…



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