Who’s Barry Anyway?!

Ever been to Barry’s Boot Camp? Me neither, until NOW. My really, really, really, REALLY good friend and co-worker Linds likes a good workout. She’s at the gym pretty much every chance she gets and doesn’t like to waste her time when she’s there. So I set out to find the toughest workout in San Diego, so we could show her a good time for her bday!

Barry’s Boot Camp in San Diego has great reviews and was on several top 10 lists for best fitness studios in San Diego. So I booked a group of us for Lindsay’s bday sweat sesh. You can pick your exact station, which I thought was really unique. We were all able to workout close to each other. It always helps to have friends to high five each other and to groan with, so I like that we were side by side. 

I was kinda nervous walking in because of all the Barry’s hype! As we waited for our 9:30am class, we watched sweat-covered athletes leave the prior session and they looked like they def got a whooping. 

Then it was our turn…

Our instructor was a pint-sized beauty with a loud voice. She knew how to command our attention and she got us right to work. I think I started sweating within minutes.


In true boot camp form, we blasted through our push ups, planks, pull ups, and tricep dips, and another group was sprinting on the row of treadmills. Then after what felt like forever, we would all switch. Sprints on the treadmill was TORTURE! I’ve never ran a speed of 9 mph on a machine until this day. I thought I would fly off that thang! Then we switched spots  again… and again! Finally class was over and we felt like shaking blobs of muscle. It was pretty SWEET! Our smiles at the end were all part of the workout high that comes only with a good sweat sesh. Seriously, who’s Barry and why does he have to be so tough? Either way, we thank you for it Barry!

HAPPY BDAY LINDS! We’re glad you celebrate this way!


Now… let’s EAT!


We went to Coasterra, a beautiful new restaurant that feels like you’re on the water. We were at the very tippy top of a pier right in the middle of the Downtown San Diego Harbor. The food was amazing and the view was BREATHTAKING! This group of friends can make any occasion a great time, no matter where we are. But I just want to give Coasterra a special thanks for being so good to us.


Linds and her mommy Dr. Hood look like they had a good time! PS – the drink in front of Linds is a coconut margarita (fresh coconut milk and flakes – hands down, AMAZING)



Neda Iranpour

About the Author

Neda is an Emmy-award winning evening Anchor in San Diego, a cyclist, a marathon runner, a WBFF Pro & a member of the vegan club. She loves to share stories, including her own!