Unreal Un-Rice!

It may look like rice, feel like rice, even taste like rice but oh no, no, no. My latest Trader Joe’s discovery must not be confused with any sort of a grain. This, my friends, is cauliflower disguised as hearty, delicious, lip-smacking stuff! I like to introduce you to a vegans dream come true, something I dubbed “Unreal Un-rice.”

Trader Joe’s never seems to fail me. I’ve been OD-ing on rice lately so I was so happy when my friend Carrie told me about their organic cauliflower rice. I don’t know about you, but taking the time to steam cauliflower, then put it in a food processor and hope it looks like “rice” is not my idea of a good time. I LOVE when stores do it for you – without adding any kind of weird chemical mumbo-jumbo, of course.

2015-09-21 13.55.51

2015-09-21 13.55.58

With a label like this and ingredients that including only organic cauliflower and salt, I was SO ready to turn this cauliflower rice into a PARTY ON A PLATE!

Here’s what I used…

2 tablespoons of coconut oil

2 bags of Cauliflower rice

1 serving of tempeh

2 large handfuls of organic mixed greens

10-12 kalamata olives

2 spoons of Honey

A few splashes of Balsamic Vinegar

2015-09-21 13.55.38

You just heat up of the coconut oil, dump the two bags of frozen cauli on the pan and let that heat up. Then throw in your olives (I ripped my olives in half with my hands before I tossed them in, don’t worry I use soap regularly.) I tossed in the mixed greens at the end. Let the cauli rice get nice and brown, maybe even a little charred at the bottom.

Once out of the pan, I felt like sweetening it up so I put some honey and balsamic vinegar all over it. It was a weird urge, I know. But, as with most weird urges, it worked!







Neda Iranpour

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