The Perfect Combo

I am feeling the desperate need to lean out. Summer is approaching and the beaches are filling up with babes in bikinis and I want to be one of them!!

So my mission to babe-dom includes two thing – pilates and yoga! I’m not talking about piloga. Although I’m sure that’s good too. I’m talking about a 40 minutes pilates session at Pilates Plus PB (or any of your favorite spots), followed by an hour yoga session afterwards. These days there are awesome deals through Fitn, Fitmob, Groupon, etc. that may allow you to try different studios for low prices until you find your faves.

Here’s why I think this is the best combo. First in pilates, you tighten up all your muscles to create that burning sensation that works so well for reducing jiggle. They love to focus on the core and the glutes. My faves! But they also work the arms and shoulders. It really is a nice full-body class. You can always check out my previous post about Kimi Evans awesome studio here: “Perks of Pilates.

pilates 1 pilates

And when you’re muscles are nice and pooped, you get to go to yoga and stretch them all out. I’m a big fan of yoga no matter what you do prior or after. I think it works great as your main workout everyday. But if you add some other bit of sweat-inducing painful-training then yoga will feel THAT much better!

You make it hurt, so you can make it feel good later. Makes perfect sense, right?!


Here’s one of my favorite places to take a yoga class: Riffs Studio in Bird Rock



Neda Iranpour

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