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One of my all-time favorite places is the ocean. Who doesn’t love the salty air, sand between the toes, and sound of waves crashing right? Well, for some people hopping on a board and surfing may seem intimidating. What if you fall? What if you get tossed around too much? What if too much water goes up your nose? What if the board wacks you? What if the leash breaks?

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I mean, there are so many freakn “what ifs” for anything you do in life that you would drive yourself bonkers trying to do things that weren’t a tad risky. But when the joy outweighs the risk 1,000,000,000 times over then its waaaaaay worth it! And that’s how I feel about surfing. I woke up today feeling giddy like a kid on Christmas. That’s because I have already completed a woman’s weekend with Surf Diva last September (as seen in this previous post) so I knew the instructors would be awesome at guiding us into the right waves, telling us our next move, and being the supportive rock stars that they always are. So knowing a thing or two about Surf Diva had me feeling STOKED, as they say, about our “Bloggers at the Beach” day.

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I met these two amazing gals, Meredith and Marissa with Your Daly Dose, a fashion blog. Yes, they are twins. Yes, they have their MBA’s. Yes, they are gorgeous models. Yes, they have their own fashion line. And yes, they got this whole surfing thing DOWN thanks to our instructors!

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We had a great talk and some practicing on the sand before we went out to the water. I learned exactly why rip currents happen and how to spot them from the sand. I also learned how to swim out of them. You just chill, let the current take you out, then paddle or swim parallel to shore and VOILA! you’re back to a safe zone. There’s really nothing freaky about it except that initial realization of being in a rip current. But the #1 rule at Surf Diva is DON’T PANIC.

As they say, “the best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun.” Stay tuned for my next post on how we did on the water… splish, splash, stick around!

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Here are more pics of some of the Surf Diva students and instructors. They offer kids camps (ages 5-8, 9-13), teen camps up to age 18, and adult camps for women and men. Every day at 1:30-3pm they also have a drop-in, coed class that they call the “Party Wave!”










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