SUP Sharks!

The title of this post really sums it all up. But I won’t just leave you with that because well, after my SUP experience I haven’t really been able to shut up about it!

So I’d like to take this opportunity to explain to you how freakn’ cool it is to live in La Jolla, walk down the street, rent Riviera Paddleboards from our good friends at Surf Diva, and pop into the ocean and SUP with sharks! Yes, Chris and I were right there on our Riviera’s, paddling among dozens and dozens of sharks! We’re talking leopard sharks and ’tis the season!

sup-sharks-chris sup-sharks-4

It may be hard to tell from these images (which is why I made the pics really, really big for you) but if you look closely, you may notice big blogs of darkness in the water. Those “blobs of darkness” are the sharks!

sup-sharks-2 sup-sharks-chris-2

There were seriously about 100 of those cool dudes in the ocean (and I don’t just mean my fiance, Chris.) We were right in front of the Marine Room (a fancy, waterfront restaurant at La Jolla Shores) and that’s where the leopard sharks apparently swim with waves. Just like all the kids on their boogy boards, the sharks would swim around and have fun in the water. Some were large, others were tiny. It was like several families of sharks decided to take a vacay at La Jolla Shores along with their thousands of human counterparts. And before you start calling me coocoo for SUPing with sharks, remember these sharks are HARMLESS. Think of them as fish. They swim around and barely care if we’re there unless you step too close, then they’ll woosh away. They’re sleek, super cool creatures and I feel so LUCKY that they’re in our own backyard! Apparently, they hang around La Jolla Shores (literally in front of the Marine Room) between July-December but August and September are peak months with the highest chance you’ll see lots of them. This experience was so cool for Chris and I that we woke up the next morning and both said “hey, wanna go swim with sharks?” And we did it again! My good friend Shannon joined us this time and she was in just as much awe as we were. It’s a highly recommended weekend adventure on your next visit to San Diego!

Follow these steps: Put on swimwear (wetsuit is optional but not necessary if you can handle water temps around 68-72 degrees), rent Riviera boards from Surf Diva, walk to La Jolla Shores, SUP near the Marine Room, look down and stare in amazement! If you’d like to literally “swim with the sharks” then bring a snorkel and hop in with them too! Kids do it, families from around the world travel here to do it, we did it and loved it, so you can totally do it too.





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