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I realized if I don’t have a plan for a workout then I won’t stick with a workout. Sounds simple enough but let me explain. I took a break from my gym memberships because I am trying to save some moolah. I’m sure a lot of people can relate, right? Instead, I thought I would be sprinting the beach daily and doing all kinds of crazy workouts. I tried Culture Shock, did some jogging and yoga (a few of my favorite things!) but I still felt “eh.” Then it dawned on me… I want a plan!! I want a set schedule to commit to and I want to follow through with a tough workout. 

So my fiance helped me come up with a doozy! And when my alarm rang, I woke up and did it (ok, I snoozed a couple times because it’s not like I had an actual appointment which is another reason a PLAN is a good idea.)

Here’s what I did that YOU should try too:

Run a half mile. Drop and do 20 pushups.

Sprint to a set of stairs. Climb the stairs.

Do that at every single stairwell you see. Short ones, long ones, just kept climbing. If you don’t have any stairs near you then do 30 speedy step-ups on all the benches or curbs you see.


After another half-mile of sprinting and stairs-ing (can we please make that a word?!), drop and do 20 pushups.

Keep this up for 2 miles. (keep sprinting, keep stairs-ing, do 20 pushups every half mile, and repeat) 

I ended this madness with 20 push-up-planks (10 on each side).

I completed it all with my abs challenge and 5 sun salutations.

45 minutes later, my workout was complete and I was panting, sweating and feeling the burn.

Try it!

I’ll get better at posting my workouts now that I know how important it is to have a PLAN!

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Neda Iranpour

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Neda is an Emmy-award winning evening Anchor in San Diego, a cyclist, a marathon runner, a WBFF Pro & a member of the vegan club. She loves to share stories, including her own!