Rock n Roll Here We Come!

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Obviously from the images, the Rock n Roll Marathon will definitely be a BAD@$$ run! I’m excited to see the course, hear the music, and run with all my fellow loony toon runners! My BBF Tom and I will be running together so that’s always a great time. Well, I say “together” but I really mean he’ll be 2 hours ahead of me. Chris is going to run the half marathon afterwards so that means we will all get to celebrate afterwards! It’s the post-run party that makes the entire race well worth it!
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This is a photo of Tom running the LA Marathon. He is a lot speedier than I. Go Tommy Go!

I’m usually never really nervous about running because it’s not like it’ll do any good to worry… I mean, that’s really my motto with everything. The best remedy for running is to well, run and remember that you’re CHOOSING to do it. So if it’s not fun, don’t do it. For me, running has always been: Fun. Zen. Chill. Enjoyable. Time to breath. Time to think. Time to wander. A sight-seeing tour. A laughable adventure. A bonding with pals. A dream fulfilled.

I’ve dreamt of the Rock n Roll since I was a kid, so maybe that’s why I’m nervous. Maybe I am feeling this odd energy in my stomach and a bit of anxiety because it’s FINALLY happening after years and years of wondering. Maybe I’m not as prepared as I’d like to be. But when does anyone really feel prepared ahead of a marathon?! 26.2 miles is no joke. Your mind has to be straight. So I plan to spend the next couple days before Sunday’s race remembering why I’m doing this. FOR FUN GOSH DARNIT!! FOR FUN!!

Oh and this is probably the real reason I’m nervous. MEB KEFLEZIGHI will be there!! Meb, the real Meb! Meb is the only athlete in history to win the New York Marathon, the Boston Marathon and an Olympic Medal!! I am told he will be at the PowerBar booth during the Marathon Expo on Saturday so YOU KNOW we will be there. Plus, PowerBar now has these awesome fruity gels that you gotta come by and try! 
powerbar fruit

Who needs a medal?! Just to get to meet Meb and enjoy some PowerBar energy food is prize enough, right? I’m not trying to get out of running, I’m swear! I’ll see you at the Expo Saturday and at the race on Sunday. GET EXCITED!

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