Quit Coffee – WHY?? WHYYYYYYYY??!!!

If I am to try and get rid of my inflammation and skin rashes I was told (by a couple integrative medicine doctors who I really trust) to do the unthinkable. The toughest request of all. One of the most cherished parts of my daily routine. The addition in my life that makes me smile no matter what the day brings… Say goodbye to coffee!!

Que the tire screech, loud scream from high-pitched girl, and shattering of a nearby window.

That’s pretty much the one restriction I was dreading all along. I was reading about the effects of coffee while drinking my fave – an Americano from Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, duh!

Most people benefit from coffee. It can rev up your metabolism, make you get that extra skip in your step, it tastes good, and it usually doesn’t do any damage to people’s insides. But as I’m learning time and time again, I can’t seem to do what “most” people do without paying the price. It’s a fun little game the world likes to play with me! So here we go again, another attempt to get rid of something I’ve become used to. My permeable stomach has required that I stop eating foods I love because I become sensitive to them (ex: eggs, almonds, green beans) so I gotta change it up. Time to switch to tea – decaf, that is.

OK so I gave it a whirl. I really did. I actually went an entire week with no coffee and what I found is I stopped wanting chocolate. Sometimes I get this uncontrollable urge for dark chocolate as soon as I have coffee – almost like an instant reflex. What?! You don’t?! I like how it tastes when coffee oozes into my mouth, helping to melt the small piece of chocolate on my tongue. It’s a lovely bit of bliss! Sorry for this genius idea I just gave you.

But when I cut the coffee, I cut the chocolate. So that’s cool. BUT, I didn’t lose a single pound. Then the weekend came around. I went to brunch. I asked for tea. Then, I couldn’t help it. I asked for coffee and it was soooo good!

OK, I’ll try quitting again tomorrow. Or maybe the next day? And while I’m having a coffee, I might as well have a croissant! There we go… all heck breaks lose because I feel like I failed.

Grrrrrr – this is why having restrictions sucks.

I don’t want to feel like I’m not allowed to listen to my body. If my body wants it, it can’t be wrong, right? I turned to my docs again and asked why quitting coffee is so hard.

Before I even got a response, I knew what their answer would be.

My body will sometimes crave things that are bad for it simply because of a nasty disease called – addiction. Wether its the habit or the physical need, I really have to stop for more than 30 days to be sure the addiction is gone for good. Also, sometimes my body wants foods that I’m sensitive to. I still love eggs and almonds and might crave them, even though they cause severe skin rashes and stomach pain. But, I know those foods are not worth it. So I have gone well over a year without that stuff. Why can’t quitting coffee and croissants be as easy? Wait, croissants have eggs in them don’t they?? – SHOOT!

Maybe I really do need to give this no coffee kick a chance? Maybe I really need to stop all wheat? Maybe I need to stop chocolate? Ok that last one is definitely NOT a maybe.

But then there’s the question of quality of life – do I want to eliminate things that make me happy?

Now THAT’S the real question. Why does coffee make me happy?

It gives me energy, I like the taste, it’s makes me feel like I haven’t given everything up.

Hmmmmm… deep.

If I don’t have energy without coffee then I’m lacking some type of nutrients.

If I like the taste – get over it.

If I’m doing it to be a rebel, grow up.

My life is still a blast without coffee. It’s not like I can live better or more fulfilled just because of what’s in my cup.

Ok I’ll empty that darn cup.

I’ll replace it with water and fennel tea… things that will add to my life, not take away.

Then maybe I’ll be able to live free from addiction.

(And welcome to the tangled web that exists in my brain lol!)


Neda Iranpour

About the Author

Neda is an Emmy-award winning evening Anchor in San Diego, a cyclist, a marathon runner, a WBFF Pro & a member of the vegan club. She loves to share stories, including her own!