NuFACE Friday Update

Here’s my NuFACE Friday update for y’all! I used my NuFace mini Monday-Thursday (4 times) this week and I wanted to let you know how it feels and show you how I look after just 4 days. First of all, using the NuFace is so much easier than I thought. At first I kind of delayed the process because I was a little hesitant to add one more thing to my routine. But, running the Nuface device over my face was actually a relaxing addition to my after-work, before-bed regimen.

Here’s how I use it: as soon as I get home I wash my face of all the make-up and gunk from the work day. I typically want to get rid of all my make-up ASAP the moment I walk into the house. With my squeaky clean, dry face, I put the gel on my cheeks and run the device across my cheeks. 3 sections on each side. From the bottom of my lip line to the bottom of my ear. Then the middle of my cheek to the middle of my ear. And lastly, the upper portion of my cheek to the upper ear area. I would do this 4 times on each side. The Nuface beeps when it’s time to switch to a new position, by the way. It’s very easy and mindless which is kind of nice after a long day. It’s my chill time!2016-02-19 08.40.132016-02-19 08.40.20

Then I would do the same thing on my forehead. 3 run-throughs over the eyebrow – up and down from the outer edge, up and down from the middle, and up and down from the inner eyebrow (again, 4 times above each eye brow.)

How it feels: After each NuFace session my skin felt tighter and lifted. It was pretty cool! I also noticed a difference in my on-air look. I have a wrinkling forehead issue but I noticed this week, my forehead seemed to be a tad more relaxed.


It’s only the beginning so I am so excited to see what 3 more weeks will bring! I do need to use it 5 times a week for the best effects. I’M ON IT!

Before: nuface before nuface before smile nuface before 1


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