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Our dear friends Checkey and Jimmy are getting married in Jamaica!!! We’ve been sooo thrilled about this trip for the past year. Of course, because we adore Checkey and Jimmy and we are so so happy they found each other! Also, because of all the places to get married, they chose one of the coolest countries! Checkey is Jamaican so we will get to experience what life is really like on the gorgeous island, through her eyes. I am looking forward to the clear blue waters, perfect sand, sweet people, great music and DANCING!

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I’m also very much looking forward to catching up with my incredible friends. We all live in different cities so it’ll be the best type of reunion to get to hang out together.

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(The above photo was when we took in a baseball game with the Megan, Chekster and Jimmy during our last trip to NYC. Checkey, Megs and I used to work together at CBS Sacramento. Us TV News people gotta stick together!)

The wedding will be a union between two wonderful people. Somehow on the busy streets of New York, among the millions and millions of people, Checkey and Jimmy were destined to meet. Their instant connection evolved into a swirling dream filled with fun, friends, laughs, kisses, and a life filled with love! I’m just happy to be there to witness such beauty.

checkey jimmy

So Jamaica is 5 weeks away. Wait, 5 weeks?!!!! I have like 20 lbs to lose! Aaaaahhh!! Ok, ok maybe not 20 lbs. But I do want to enter that lovely country and look lovely myself. Is that too much to ask? So Chris and I are on a mission. We’re calling it JAMAICAN ME SKINNY! Ha! Get it?!

Here’s the plan… we workout daily and eat healthy – duh!

I’ll come up with daily routines for us to follow. Moves that don’t involve a gym but, most likely they will involve a beach, maybe some workout bands, a lot of ab moves, and some running lol!


Also, Chris just got us a NINJA! We are now the proud of owners of the coolest, health machine on the planet. I came home to our entire dining table covered in fruits and vegetables, so nutrient-rich smoothies here we come!


(as you can see I like to jam everything I can get a hold of into this thing. Which is why no other blenders have ever been able to handle my concoctions until the NINJA!)

Stay tuned to this blog because I’ll post some of our workout plan and let you know how JAMAICAN ME SKINNY is going.

Here are some healthy, vegan foods I made this week and I feel skinny already!

vegan taco

This is super easy. Corn tortilla heated over coconut oil in a sautee pan. Topped with organic mixed greens and black beans.


And this was a great vegan, gluten-free dessert (ok, so maybe I had it as a midnight snack – I was hungry after work!) Cooked rice, topped with rice milk and berries of your choice.



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