Is Vegan Really Healthy?

No seriously, I’m asking. I find that being vegan and wheat-free is helping me to feel less itchy. I also feel less “puffy.” I feel full of energy and when I eat, I’m full. When I put all my food into the trusty “My Fitness Pal” app it adds up to about 1800 calories a day. And I’m eating high fat stuff and high carb stuff, so I think I’m probably eating way more carbs than I should but, guess what? I haven’t gained a thing! I have actually dropped about 8-10 pounds this year since I started in this vegan direction. The more I listen to my body, I crave vegetables and nuts, quinoa and brown rice but am I really getting all the nutrients I need? And when I crave something off my “vegan” list, should I listen to it and trust that my bodies’ cravings are now based on legit needs and not addictions?

These are important questions every vegan, vegetarian, meat-eater, fruitarian should always ask. And the most annoying part is, I’m sure your answers will constantly change. As your body lacks one thing and has too much of another, it’s going to want other things. I wish I had an answer to the title of this post, but sorry to say… I’m asking the question with hopes that YOU ask YOU too. Don’t you love that?!

Again, no quick fixes. Instead, we’re better off listening and trusting our bodies. Not the mouth or the eyes… but the sixth sense, your soul, that thing that tells you that you really do know what’s good for you. It’s that quiet little murmur that’ll eventually turn into a scream if you keep shutting it down.

Ssssshhh, pause, listen…

What is your body saying?

I know, it requires sitting still long enough. I have trouble with that too. But maybe at night, maybe during meditation, maybe while you’re going on a long run, or perhaps while you’re staring off into space, or while your mind wanders at work, simply ask the question: “what should I do to be healthy?”

What comes to mind? Is it vegan, gluten-free, jogging, weight training, pilates, yoga, meditating, cutting the cheese (ha!), or is it none of the above? Only YOU will know because remember, our bodies are always trying to find that perfect balance. Homeostasis, health, whatever you want to call it… our bodies know what we need to achieve our best selves and I won’t have that answer for you. But I can leave you with one suggestion – trust yourself 🙂


Neda Iranpour

About the Author

Neda is an Emmy-award winning evening Anchor in San Diego, a cyclist, a marathon runner, a WBFF Pro & a member of the vegan club. She loves to share stories, including her own!