If We All Did This One Small Thing…

Are you ready for something awesome we can all try together?! Why not unite us all in the name of the environment?!

Now, this is not one of those challenges (see abs challenge) that may make you sore. It’s something that will save you money and help stop waste across the globe. We can change the world with one change… this one act all started with a wedding. It was the Persian New Year (first day of spring) and we were all together at Joshua Tree to celebrate the wedding of one of our favorite couples. Dallas and Dovi were about to get married and they are so environmentally-conscious and nature-loving (especially when it came to their special day) that it inspired me to think about my part on this planet.

**** I would be doing you an injustice if I didn’t show you pictures of their gorgeous wedding weekend. They put so much thought into every detail to make sure everything stayed in line with their passions. We hiked, embraced the desert, ate delicious vegetarian food, and cherished every moment with incredible people from all over the world. So enjoy the following photos before I get to the task at hand…

Motivated by my surroundings during Dallas and Dovi’s wedding and inspired by the fresh start that comes with the first day of Spring and Persian New Year, I wanted to make a change. Our dear friend Kim (founder of the One Love Movement) and I were chatting a lot during the wedding weekend about becoming more minimalist. Kim said she’s been giving away a lot of her stuff and is trying not to buy new things. She also told me about a cool deal she made with herself last year and it really impacted me. I mean, it literally changed my life. And I hope it changes yours.

Here it goes… I love coffee. I mean, I LOVE coffee. It makes me feel cozy, cool, and coocoo all at once. It’s a great excuse to connect with friends, make new ones, explore cafes in neighborhoods everywhere, or simply kick off the day in a good mood. But coffee can be wasteful. I’m not even talking about the grounds, filters, etc. that may go into making a cup. I’m talking about the actual cup. Yes, that measly cup that you probably never put much thought into. It’s time to think about it. So I challenge thee with this….

1st step – Get one cup out of your cupboard. Choose your fave.

2nd step – Take that cup with you everywhere you go.

3rd step – Use that cup to get coffee anywhere you wish.

4th step – Thank your barista for the discount they offer when you bring your own cup. Ussually it’s 10 cents or 10% off!

MOST IMPORTANT RULE – If you don’t have your cup, then you don’t get coffee.

BAM! Just like that, we can eliminate so much garbage.

Imagine a world where we all use what we actually have instead of using new things and throwing away those “new” things because they got “old” after one use? It’s heartbreaking to think how much we’ve become accustomed to wasteful ways. I mean, where in the world do we think everything we throw out ends up?! It ends up somewhere on the same Earth we all call home. And this home of ours is full enough for Pete’s sake!!! Sorry for yelling Pete. I know, it’s hard to break old ways. But there’s a movement going on and I feel it in nearly every conversation.

We are ready to be smarter as a society.

Just bring your own cup, wouldya?!

As you see, I chose my favorite Bird Rock Coffee Roasters cup. I like the lid. It snaps shut, prevents spillage. It works for me.

I took it to… dare I say, Starbucks! I just wanted to prove that you can take your own vessel anywhere and they’ll fill it. They even give you a 10-cent discount! Sandi seems to be a fan (or maybe she’s more intrigued by crumbs on the floor.)

I even take my cup when I travel. I mean, I have to. Because as we promised, without a cup there is no coffee to be had. So my Bird Rock Coffee Roasters cup (seen in below photo) is at Philz Coffee in San Francisco. The delicious avocado on sourdough toast is optional. Yes, they serve paper bags as “plates.”

Little Baby Eva seems to get a kick out of my coffee cup while we were at Swell in Mission Beach. Her mommy, Annie is taking on this challenge now too after I told her what Kim taught me. If Annie does it, then you know it’s a good idea!

My peeps over at Pannikin in La Jolla are always so grateful when I bring my own cup. They’re big on reducing waste too so they encourage such a thing. I found it ironic that I was sitting solo at a table where the”longest conversation” took place (as seen in plaque below) and I was drinking Pannikin coffee from a Bird Rock cup.

Please excuse my close-up (sans make up) in the below photo but here’s my cup at a new awesome cafe in Kearny Mesa. Bing Haus is def worth checking out, but come hungry! You may even run into Lindsay, Jane and I. We’ll be in the corner giggling. I mean, working… yes, working… really, really hard.



Neda Iranpour

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Neda is an Emmy-award winning evening Anchor in San Diego, a cyclist, a marathon runner, a WBFF Pro & a member of the vegan club. She loves to share stories, including her own!