How to Make Ghee

First of all, I should explain what the heck ghee is. It’s a form of butter that doesn’t hurt my stomach. I hear that most people who are lactose-intolerant can have this type of butter and feel just fine. Basically, you boil butter and get rid of the frothy stuff and what’s left is thicker when hardened, a little saltier, and according to many Ayurveda experts it’s a very healthy fat. Ghee is supposed to soothe the lining of your intestines and it goes great on rice, veggies, beans… you name it. Melt it and ooze it all over anything! My meal of choice recently has been ghee and locally-grown honey on top of toasted rice bread (from Trader Joe’s.)

Ghee-making steps:

Buy organic butter. Put 3-4 sticks in a pot and keep on low-medium heat until it boils. Put a piece of cheese cloth over a bowl. I used a hair band (see pic below) to keep the cheesecloth from moving around, but a rubber band should also work. Pour the hot, melted butter onto the cheesecloth. This should keep all the frothy stuff from going into the bowl. If you still collect some foam, repeat the pouring-onto-cheesecloth step until what’s in your bowl is a shimmery, smooth yellow liquid. Refrigerate to harden and save for later or pour the heated stuff all over anything you want!

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Neda Iranpour

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