How I Fixed my Thyroid, Naturally

Ever since I lost the oomph in my pituitary gland (it literally stopped functioning!), my thyroid levels were off. That’s to be expected since I did not have any hormones shooting out of my pituitary AT ALL. Zero, zilch, nada. I could not lose weight, I felt really slow-mo, foggy-brained, inflamed, itchy, cranky… I was a joy to be around!

If you ever go to a doctor and complain of an inability to lose weight, they will likely tell you to get your thyroid levels checked. At least they should. But here’s the deal, if your thyroid levels are “off” you will likely get a prescription from your doc for synthroid or armor or whatever pill meets your T3, T4 or TSH needs. But the real question you should be asking is not WHAT should I take to fix this? But, WHY am I having this problem?

Why was I dealing with low energy and weight loss struggles? I discovered it is so soooo important to get to the root of my thyroid troubles. A bandaid (aka pill) will cover it up temporarily but it won’t fix it. I was so grateful Dr. Finley in Reno asked the question – WHY? She kept testing and testing until she got an answer.

My pituitary gland had bounced back through acupuncture (it started working a few hours after my first acupuncture session!), but my thyroid was still “off.” Dr. Finley said that was most likely because of my food sensitivities. She did lots of blood work to find out which foods my body was reacting to.

She discovered I had reactions to wheat, green beans, eggs, and almonds.  I was shocked because I was eating green beans, eggs, and almonds every single day! I thought those were healthy foods! But my body started thinking of those foods as poison. Who would ever think of green beans as the enemy?!
green beans

Not only was I inflamed but these foods may have been causing my body to attack my thyroid, as some sort of weird allergic reaction. The key was to stop eating that stuff. I took eggs, green beans and almonds out of my diet for a week and VOILA! 5 pounds lighter! I felt so much better, less puffy, more energy, yippee!

What an odd solution, right?

So then the question again, WHY? Why was I so sensitive to healthy foods that I was eating a lot of? She tested some more and discovered I had leaky gut syndrome. (Worst… name… ever!) That means every food I ate a lot of, could seep into my blood stream and my body would try to fight it. Food is not supposed to be in your blood stream, by the way.

Dr. Finley said this must be the reason for my low-functioning thyroid and inflammation. If I eat wheat, I notice I feel slooooow. If I eat too much sugar, I hate life. If I eat eggs, I’m itchy and cranky. So guess what? I won’t eat those things! And guess what? My thyroid levels are exactly where they should be now. No pills necessary!

Check out these random photos I found online that explain leaky gut syndrome:

leaky gut 3
leaky guy 2

leaky gut graphic


Neda Iranpour

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