Dreaming of being a Charger Girl

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I may sound coo-coo but I want to be a Chargers Girl. I want to try out next year and the year after and the year after, for however long it takes. I won’t stop until I make the team at some point in my lifetime. Ok so I’m not 18, but hey, there are NFL cheerleaders in their 30’s and 40’s so the way I look at it, I have about 10 years to dance, dance, dance!

I went to a pre-tryouts workshop this year with my broken fibula and all! It was awesome to be among all the Charger Girl hopefuls and to chat with Lisa Simmons, the Team Director. I interviewed her for a piece on San Diego 6 so I was able to ask all the questions many of the girls may have wanted to. She was open and honest – you must know your dance skills, be quick with choreography, AND be a good person. They are looking for awesome dancers but also ladies who care about their community, work hard, and keep a positive attitude. That’s why a smile is everything!

I realized I was a little slow on the choreography. It felt like I was a step behind on everything. My giant boot may have had something to do with that. I know I shouldn’t have put any weight on my right foot but it was kind of hard not to when everyone is spinning around you and I’m trying to keep up. So the lesson I learned was: as soon as my fibula is healed, I will take dance classes. Lots and lots of them.

The lovely Charger Girl Dominique told me to go to Culture Shock dance studio and the Academy of Performing Arts. She said any types of dance classes will help but jazz and hip hop will probably be best for now.

Here’s a story I did earlier in the season on Dominique (or Ms. KM):

I was also concerned about my hair. If you notice, most of the lovely ladies on the team have long beach waves and they know how to make those locks work for them. They can do a hair flip like I’ve never seen anyone do. So I asked what I should do with my shoulder-length, straight hair and one of the dancers flipped her hair and said “just work it girl!” haha So “work it” I will!

With a flip of my hair, I left the workshop that day feeling good about my game plan for next year’s tryouts.

Sure when I woke up the next day, I had a super sore neck and a tender fibula but small price to pay for “working it!”

Here’s the story that aired that Sunday night on San Diego 6:




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