Do Backbends and Sit ups!

I had the absolute pleasure of starting and ending my Saturday with yoga and I can’t tell you how amazing it felt!

Prana (a company I ADORE!) held a morning yoga session at Moonlight State Beach in Encinitas. Our instructor, Michael Fukumara looked was so unbelievably strong and muscular that I assumed help he lifts weight, does triathlons, hurdles pillars, who knows! But once he began teaching us I quickly knew exactly why he is so strong. He believes in putting your mind into your muscle. You can actually think about tightening up your muscles and they tighten – what a concept! So even while you are simply sitting, try squeezing your glutes or your abs and that thought will actually strengthen them.

The sound of the waves, the ocean breeze, and the smell of salt never gets old, even on a cloudy morning. I feel that yoga truly is a treat in any setting, but when I’m near the ocean I can’t help but feel extremely giddy and ALIVE!


Meet my amazing friend Cindy! She is the fabulous host of The Pulse SD and you can check her out every weekday at 3pm on Cox (Channel 4 in San Diego.) Proud to know this beauty!


In this photo is Paola (she’s the blogger behind Blank Intinerary) , our instructor Michael Fukumara, Cindy with The Pulse SD, her man Israel (Cindy’s partner-in-crime), my partner-in-crime Lindsay, and moi! Quite a crew to wake up to!


You would think that’s plenty of exhiliration for one day but oh no, no. I was heading home from the Paella and Wine Festival and before I hunkered down for the night I checked my favorite yoga haven Trilogy Sanctuary to see if they had a class. And lo and behold, they had the perfect one! “Fearless Backbends”. If you’ve ever tried backbends then you might understand the joy that comes with them. After sitting forward all day on our computers, spin bikes, in our cars, etc. it’s so nice to switch it up and bend the other way. So I embarked on a 2-hour journey to see how bendy I could be. Our instructor was freaken’ incredible! Andrew Sealy. I knew he was special but I had no clue how much of a gem to the yoga world he was who until after class when the owner of Trilogy Sanctuary told me that they brought him to La Jolla from Los Angeles so he could teach a weekend workshop. And I was lucky enough to pop in on HIS class?! How cool! I felt so tall and limber after bending into positions that I had no idea I could do. He guided us into these amazing animal-like forms. He pushed our spine to places it’s meant to go but I know I personally never had the guts to get there. As we lied there in shavasana at the very end, I just smiled. My spine didn’t hurt for the first time since breaking my foot. I was soo crooked for so long in a silly walking boot and now I can truly appreciate what it’s like to stop huring. I felt balanced and longer. It was as if someone opened up a smooshed xylophone and I could finally hear it’s music! Maybe oneday I’ll get as strong and limber and Andrew and the other lady in this photo.

sealy yoga

I just want to thank Trilogy Sanctuary for opening up your rooftop studios and vegan cafe. It’s an absolute pleasure every time I go there.








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