Culture Shock!

I’ve been craving a change! And I’ve been wanting something that’ll still challenge my body the way Team Exos has but also add some dancing element. Because after all, I still plan on trying out for the Charger Girls next year so it’s definitely time to get my act together!

I need to work on flexibility, choreography, rhythm, feeling confident, looking good, working that hair flip… the list goes on and on, but I think you catch my drift… I got a lot of work to do! An absolute sweetheart of a Charger Girl Dominique who I interviewed last year suggested I start taking classes at Culture Shock Dance Studio in San Diego.

culture shock

I was feeling this was the perfect week to get DOWWWWN with Culture Shock! I was a little nervous stepping into the studio because I had NO IDEA if I was going to walk into a music-video-style-setting where everyone in perfect bodies doing perfect splits will look me up and down and judge me. Instead, I was greeted by a beautiful smile and open arms! The studio was stunning, nice and big with huge windows and a huge dance floor. I was able to wear tennis shoes and workout clothes and not feel inferior. Everyone in our class was warm and welcoming.

culture shock studio

Our instructor David “Darkie” Simmons got right to business. He blasted some great tunes and we warmed up by following his every move. I was SHOCKED that I was able to keep up. I think he made it look so smooth and easy that I just got right into a fun flow. I started sweating within 10 minutes so if you think dance isn’t a workout, you’re WRONG!

Then David started his choreography. I always feel a little nervous when it’s time to learn a new routine because my brain starts getting in the way. I think I have to start memorizing. But alas, I’ve been proven time and time again to turn my brain off. Feeling the flow became the ONLY way I could follow his moves. I literally just kept repeating what our instructor showed us and I was actually able to do it without thinking at all. We did the moves over and over and he kept adding some fun additions until the whole dance was complete. We performed it several times and each time I felt more confident. I added in some of my own flavor (well, at least my attempt at “flavor”) and just laughed and smiled and cheered everyone else on! It felt so fun and free! I was ready to sign up for a month unlimited membership ($150) right then and there because I was HOOKED!

Check out a few examples of a choreography by David “Darkie” Simmons:


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