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Reason #1Jillion Why CAF is AWESOME… Heeeere’s Lindsay!!

2,000 grant recipients are getting the surprise of a lifetime this season thanks to the CAF Foundation, and CW6’s former assignment manager Lindsay Hood is one of them! She now gets a running blade from CAF so she can soon take on even more challenging athletic feats. Lindsay is usually behind the scenes at CW6 setting… Read more

My Love For Emme Diane

It all started in the gym. I know, who falls in love with skin care while they’re sweating? Well, I had the pleasure of meeting Emme Diane in the gym when I lived in Sacramento. She was working out like a champ and we both bonded over our desire to be strong and healthy. Come… Read more

Raising $$ and Run for Huntington’s Disease!

Chris and I are really excited to be running the SD Half Marathon this year on Sunday, March 13th. I’ve ran this course many times but this time I’m running for Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA.) I want to raise money to finally CURE this disease once and for all. Funding is always a huge factor, which is why any… Read more

WOAH! I totally have a NuFACE!

It’s been two weeks of using my NuFace five times a week and I’m really starting to see some changes. My face feels a lot tighter which is making me think I should change up my routine and use NuFACE right before the Nu-wscast (ha!) so I can show off my Nu-found look! It’s been… Read more

It’s time for a NUFACE!

Since I’m a news anchor, my face matters. I hate to sound like some sort of diva because I’m not. But hang with me as I explain my industry… I try to have a face with the least amount of distractions, that’s easy to watch, and pleasant to view because I want you to tune in… Read more

Magic in a Bottle

When you work on TV, what happens to your face can literally make or break you. When I started noticing that I was aging and gaining worry lines, I started to worry even more which then exacerbated the problem! There’s really no right way to worry, right? I was never too concerned with wrinkles until… Read more

SD Polo Opening Day

I just experienced a Sunday Funday like none other. It was a Sunday that we looked forward to for months. Some of my favorite people who all happen to work in TV were part of this spectacular celebration of Polo. I was invited by my dear friend, Sonya Berg. She is the founder of Zen Fashionista and is… Read more

Perks of Pilates

Who doesn’t want to look like a ballerina? Take a look around at classes like The Dailey Method, The Bar Method, and Pilates and it’s as if all the women came from the same perfect mold. Long. Lean. GORGEOUS! Ok, I’ll have what they’re having. My dear friend and former co-worker, Kimi Evans invited me… Read more

Be a Superhero!

For the past two years I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of the “Race for Autism” superhero fun run. This year I had a cast on my leg (broken fibula) so I couldn’t run but I emceed. My station San Diego 6 News is a proud sponsor. It was really exhilarating as I… Read more

NuFACE Friday Update

Here’s my NuFACE Friday update for y’all! I used my NuFace mini Monday-Thursday (4 times) this week and I wanted to let you know how it feels and show you how I look after just 4 days. First of all, using the NuFace is so much easier than I thought. At first I kind of… Read more