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SUP Sharks!

The title of this post really sums it all up. But I won’t just leave you with that because well, after my SUP experience I haven’t really been able to shut up about it! So I’d like to take this opportunity to explain to you how freakn’ cool it is to live in La Jolla,… Read more

Bloggers at the Beach Pop Up! YIPPEEEE!

As a follow up to my “Bloggers at the Beach” day with Surf Diva and  The Daly Dose twins, I wanted to show you our MAD SKILLZ!! Our instructors Marianne and Nate were so cool and patient with us so being out on the water at La Jolla Shores was a CINCH with them. What I really… Read more

Surf Diva’s Bloggers at the Beach Day!

One of my all-time favorite places is the ocean. Who doesn’t love the salty air, sand between the toes, and sound of waves crashing right? Well, for some people hopping on a board and surfing may seem intimidating. What if you fall? What if you get tossed around too much? What if too much water… Read more

Raising $$ and Run for Huntington’s Disease!

Chris and I are really excited to be running the SD Half Marathon this year on Sunday, March 13th. I’ve ran this course many times but this time I’m running for Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA.) I want to raise money to finally CURE this disease once and for all. Funding is always a huge factor, which is why any… Read more

Just Keep Paddling

I experience the joy of the ocean by walking on water. Sounds cool, right?! Well, that’s how I describe paddleboarding. You get to stand on water, without sinking. You get a view from above water, without flying. The view becomes a sea of sparkles that captures my eyes and I can’t…stop…staring. But paddleboarding isn’t just about… Read more

Is that Voss in Your Voss?!

This may seem like the simplest DIY project ever but I figure it can’t hurt to provide you this quick and easy tip on a great way to drink water . All you have to do is go to the gas station and grab a VOSS water bottle and refill it a jillion times forever… Read more

Magic in a Bottle

When you work on TV, what happens to your face can literally make or break you. When I started noticing that I was aging and gaining worry lines, I started to worry even more which then exacerbated the problem! There’s really no right way to worry, right? I was never too concerned with wrinkles until… Read more

Abs Challenge!

Who’s ready for a challenge? ME! ME! You too?? Most people’s main area of concern is ABS, including me. C’mooooon abs, let’s get you where I want you to be for the summer – 6-pack preferred. So I decided to commit to doing a set of abs everyday for 30 days straight and I invite… Read more

$5 Coffee Table (No, not a typo)

During our consignment shopping trip there was an item that most people walked around, dismissed, and perhaps thought it was trash. But through its warped wood and dingy crevices, I found treasure. Ya see, Chris and I wanted a beach-wood coffee table to match our cool couches. But apparently, that look is sooo hip right… Read more

Let’s Sail Away!

If you love the ocean, try sitting on it! That’s almos what sailing feels like, but in this seat you are FLYING. I got on board for the first time with my awesome co-anchor Jim. He has been a longtime sailor so he took a few of us out on Mission Bay. WHAT A TREAT!… Read more

Consignment Shopping is COOL!

When Chris and I moved in to our cute apartment near the coast, I instantly started day dreaming about the furniture I wanted. Simple, clean, bright, and beachy. Check out my Pinterest for some of my ideal looks. We found a steal of a place and can only afford to pay rent because I stalked… Read more

Getting in Wedding Shape

As a little girl dreaming of my perfect wedding, I pictured a tall, waif-like girl in a long elegant gown floating down the aisle. As a 34 year old, nothing about me is tall and waif-like and I certainly don’t float. But I always thought when there’s a will, there’s got to be a way,… Read more