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My Journey


Our dear friends Checkey and Jimmy are getting married in Jamaica!!! We’ve been sooo thrilled about this trip for the past year. Of course, because we adore Checkey and Jimmy and we are so so happy they found each other! Also, because of all the places to get married, they chose one of the coolest… Read more

Back from Broken Fibula (as seen in Brooks Blog)

GUEST BLOGGER FOR BROOKS: I started running when I was super young, just for fun. Around and around the park or in our backyard. This odd hamster habit continued throughout junior high and high school. I naturally signed up for track so I could continue enjoying hours and hours and miles upon miles on the… Read more

How I Fixed my Thyroid, Naturally

Ever since I lost the oomph in my pituitary gland (it literally stopped functioning!), my thyroid levels were off. That’s to be expected since I did not have any hormones shooting out of my pituitary AT ALL. Zero, zilch, nada. I could not lose weight, I felt really slow-mo, foggy-brained, inflamed, itchy, cranky… I was a joy… Read more

Is Vegan Really Healthy?

No seriously, I’m asking. I find that being vegan and wheat-free is helping me to feel less itchy. I also feel less “puffy.” I feel full of energy and when I eat, I’m full. When I put all my food into the trusty “My Fitness Pal” app it adds up to about 1800 calories a… Read more

Sleep to “Scale”

OK, I’m about to admit a little bit of my crazy ways here. I step on a scale every morning and I have no problem doing it. I know doctors and probably mental health professionals say it could lead to an obsession over weight. Well, “scaling” (new word invention, right here!) has helped me learn… Read more


I recently learned the importance of meditating from Dr. Deepak Chopra himself. He explained that meditating was like pushing the reset button. When you sleep, your body gets to rest and recover, right? But your brain still dreams and is in high gear. So meditating is making a conscious effort to stop or slow your… Read more

A Congee Kick

First, I must take you back to when I met Dr. Gordon Saxe at UCSD. I first chose a random primary care doctor with UCSD because my insurance covered it. She was super smart and super nice but she knew right away that I wasn’t going to listen to her. She had asked if I wanted… Read more

Quit Coffee – WHY?? WHYYYYYYYY??!!!

If I am to try and get rid of my inflammation and skin rashes I was told (by a couple integrative medicine doctors who I really trust) to do the unthinkable. The toughest request of all. One of the most cherished parts of my daily routine. The addition in my life that makes me smile… Read more

Getting in Wedding Shape

As a little girl dreaming of my perfect wedding, I pictured a tall, waif-like girl in a long elegant gown floating down the aisle. As a 34 year old, nothing about me is tall and waif-like and I certainly don’t float. But I always thought when there’s a will, there’s got to be a way,… Read more