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If We All Did This One Small Thing…

Are you ready for something awesome we can all try together?! Why not unite us all in the name of the environment?! Now, this is not one of those challenges (see abs challenge) that may make you sore. It’s something that will save you money and help stop waste across the globe. We can change… Read more


Our dear friends Checkey and Jimmy are getting married in Jamaica!!! We’ve been sooo thrilled about this trip for the past year. Of course, because we adore Checkey and Jimmy and we are so so happy they found each other! Also, because of all the places to get married, they chose one of the coolest… Read more

Unreal Un-Rice!

It may look like rice, feel like rice, even taste like rice but oh no, no, no. My latest Trader Joe’s discovery must not be confused with any sort of a grain. This, my friends, is cauliflower disguised as hearty, delicious, lip-smacking stuff! I like to introduce you to a vegans dream come true, something I… Read more

Cafe Gratitude

I’m currently on a mission to explore vegan restaurants in every city I visit. So you can see why I was straight-up GIDDY when I heard Cafe Gratitude was opening in San Diego’s Little Italy. This restaurant is a fave of stars like Beyonce, Jaz-Z, Alicia Silverstone, and Anne Hathaway. PLUS, Jason Mraz is part-investor! He lives… Read more

Pop Some Tots!

Words cannot express my love for potatoes these days. Maybe it’s because the weather has been a bit cloudy that my body is being fooled into thinking its fall and thinking it’s ok to just keep poppin’ tots. But why not?! They’re too hot not to trot. Ok sorry, for the really bad rhyme. I… Read more

1 Potato, 2 Potato… Sweet!

Quick and easy. That’s how I like my food. Well… vegan, gluten-free and super nutritious too. Not too demanding, right? I barely make the time to clean my veggies, let alone chop them up nicely, so that’s partly why I enjoy potatoes (of all shapes, sizes, and colors!) They are super easy to clean and super… Read more

Is Vegan Really Healthy?

No seriously, I’m asking. I find that being vegan and wheat-free is helping me to feel less itchy. I also feel less “puffy.” I feel full of energy and when I eat, I’m full. When I put all my food into the trusty “My Fitness Pal” app it adds up to about 1800 calories a… Read more

Pitaya – Magenta Magic

Something so bright and cheery has to make you feel that way, right? If you haven’t seen Pitaya Plus yet, put on your shades, come hungry, and dive in! This fruit will make you wonder why we can’t live in a magenta-colored world. I’ve never seen anything so natural be so Crayola-esque! And Pitaya is… Read more

How to Make Ghee

First of all, I should explain what the heck ghee is. It’s a form of butter that doesn’t hurt my stomach. I hear that most people who are lactose-intolerant can have this type of butter and feel just fine. Basically, you boil butter and get rid of the frothy stuff and what’s left is thicker… Read more

A Congee Kick

First, I must take you back to when I met Dr. Gordon Saxe at UCSD. I first chose a random primary care doctor with UCSD because my insurance covered it. She was super smart and super nice but she knew right away that I wasn’t going to listen to her. She had asked if I wanted… Read more