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Praying For The Perk!

I like to call this one a “Praying For The Perk” because well, a lot of times when I’m in these positions I appear as if I’m praying. I’m also in so much pain that I probably should be praying! So all I’m trying to say is this workout will WORK! It’s great for your… Read more


5 weeks is going to fly fast so we better make the most of it! I’m feeling the pressure of this upcoming Jamaica trip because I want to show up to the beach with my boo and my besties and look like ROCK STARS! Cuz you know, that’s what we are! Here’s the plan… we’re going to… Read more

Who’s Barry Anyway?!

Ever been to Barry’s Boot Camp? Me neither, until NOW. My really, really, really, REALLY good friend and co-worker Linds likes a good workout. She’s at the gym pretty much every chance she gets and doesn’t like to waste her time when she’s there. So I set out to find the toughest workout in San… Read more

Work It with Cycle & Circuit!

I’ve never heard of a class that puts both cycling and circuit training into one AWESOME hour. But, why not get all the grueling stuff over with?! Armone’s Core Connection in La Jolla is a great place that does exactly that. First of all, the moment I stepped in the studio I got a perma-grin… Read more

Culture Shock!

I’ve been craving a change! And I’ve been wanting something that’ll still challenge my body the way Team Exos has but also add some dancing element. Because after all, I still plan on trying out for the Charger Girls next year so it’s definitely time to get my act together! I need to work on… Read more

My First Try at a Triathlon

Challenged Athletes Foundation. That’s really all I have to say when someone asks why I’m trying a Tri. This organization is literally providing amputees with the tools they need to live full lives – complete with sports, a whole lot of smiles, and newfound spirit. That feeling of losing a leg or arm is unimaginable.… Read more


A friend of mine told me about a cool app that lets you explore different studios for free, unlimited access, attend a variety of classes, all day, everyday. It sounds like a perfect deal for me, so I wanted to share it with you. One week free, no credit card necessary. Then, only if you… Read more

Too Pretty To Pass Up

Today is considered my “off” day from Team Exos so that gave me the freedom to roam. Which is exactly what I did. I laced up my Brooks Running shoes and headed out the door and just kept going for as long as my heart desired. It’s such a gorgeous day here in San Diego… Read more

Team Exos

I’ve had my eye on this particular gym for nearly 6 months. We did a story on Exos, located at SKLZ headquarters back in February when several college athletes were in town to prep for the NFL Combine. I was IMPRESSED! Here’s the story that aired on San Diego 6: I emailed them right away… Read more

Abs Challenge!

Who’s ready for a challenge? ME! ME! You too?? Most people’s main area of concern is ABS, including me. C’mooooon abs, let’s get you where I want you to be for the summer – 6-pack preferred. So I decided to commit to doing a set of abs everyday for 30 days straight and I invite… Read more

Take It Outside!

Do you ever spend the amount of time it takes to go to the gym, thinking about going to gym? I did that today. Instead of jumping out of bed and heading to the gym to work on some weight training, I lay in bed wondering if I should go indoors or take my workout… Read more

This Is How I Roll…

Foam Rolling hurts. There’s a reason why every trainer, fitness class, and workout video includes stretching. Just do it! If you don’t stretch you may end up feeling a pain similar to stubbing a toe, except the toe would be the size of your entire calf and the stub would involve a big foamy tube.… Read more


I recently learned the importance of meditating from Dr. Deepak Chopra himself. He explained that meditating was like pushing the reset button. When you sleep, your body gets to rest and recover, right? But your brain still dreams and is in high gear. So meditating is making a conscious effort to stop or slow your… Read more

Perks of Pilates

Who doesn’t want to look like a ballerina? Take a look around at classes like The Dailey Method, The Bar Method, and Pilates and it’s as if all the women came from the same perfect mold. Long. Lean. GORGEOUS! Ok, I’ll have what they’re having. My dear friend and former co-worker, Kimi Evans invited me… Read more

Dreaming of being a Charger Girl

I may sound coo-coo but I want to be a Chargers Girl. I want to try out next year and the year after and the year after, for however long it takes. I won’t stop until I make the team at some point in my lifetime. Ok so I’m not 18, but hey, there are NFL… Read more

Edible Pedal 100 (1st: get bike)

I covered the EP100 scholarships for KTVN Channel 2 News in Reno where I was reporting and anchoring the morning show. We always say certain stories leave a lifelong impact and this was one of them. I met a couple Reno High students who were among 8 across Northern Nevada to receive an EP100 scholarship.… Read more