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Today’s Workout


I realized if I don’t have a plan for a workout then I won’t stick with a workout. Sounds simple enough but let me explain. I took a break from my gym memberships because I am trying to save some moolah. I’m sure a lot of people can relate, right? Instead, I thought I would be… Read more

Praying For The Perk!

I like to call this one a “Praying For The Perk” because well, a lot of times when I’m in these positions I appear as if I’m praying. I’m also in so much pain that I probably should be praying! So all I’m trying to say is this workout will WORK! It’s great for your… Read more


5 weeks is going to fly fast so we better make the most of it! I’m feeling the pressure of this upcoming Jamaica trip because I want to show up to the beach with my boo and my besties and look like ROCK STARS! Cuz you know, that’s what we are! Here’s the plan… we’re going to… Read more

Culture Shock!

I’ve been craving a change! And I’ve been wanting something that’ll still challenge my body the way Team Exos has but also add some dancing element. Because after all, I still plan on trying out for the Charger Girls next year so it’s definitely time to get my act together! I need to work on… Read more

Run, Squat, Run, Lunge, Repeat

It’s been beautiful around here, especially in the mornings. San Diego’s sunshine is not wanting to stop and I’m completely OK with that. All it does is make me want to get outside even more. Today I woke up frantic, in a panic, at 745am! My alarm didn’t go off! I’m supposed to be at… Read more

Flip It and Reverse It!

As Missy Elliott once said “Flip It and Reverse It!”  I don’t think she had as PG of a meaning behind her words as I do, but when helping to heal my back her words resonate. I have been feeling very tight all along my spine. I literally “snap, crackle, pop” every time I stretch my back.… Read more

Today’s Workout

As you may know, if you’ve been following along with my blog, I’ve been training with Team Exos. We don’t workout together on Wednesdays because that’s our “off” day. And today I def needed the “off” time. I’ve been feeling so extremely exhausted so I tried to sleep with no alarm, but I still somehow woke… Read more

Too Pretty To Pass Up

Today is considered my “off” day from Team Exos so that gave me the freedom to roam. Which is exactly what I did. I laced up my Brooks Running shoes and headed out the door and just kept going for as long as my heart desired. It’s such a gorgeous day here in San Diego… Read more

Climb On a Versa!

They look so innocent just hanging out there agains the wall. But these small, simple machines are very deceiving. If you want to sweat and pant and feel sore all at once, then hop on a Versa Climber. I kid you not. I had never experienced one of these bad boys until I signed up… Read more

Team Exos

I’ve had my eye on this particular gym for nearly 6 months. We did a story on Exos, located at SKLZ headquarters back in February when several college athletes were in town to prep for the NFL Combine. I was IMPRESSED! Here’s the story that aired on San Diego 6: I emailed them right away… Read more

Fun 15!

Since I am now cleared to run, of course today’s workout entailed running. I had about 15 minutes in between working to get out there and sweat. So even if you don’t like running, 15 minutes won’t kill ya. It was such a fun 15! The air here in San Diego is a bit humid… Read more

The Perfect Combo

I am feeling the desperate need to lean out. Summer is approaching and the beaches are filling up with babes in bikinis and I want to be one of them!! So my mission to babe-dom includes two thing – pilates and yoga! I’m not talking about piloga. Although I’m sure that’s good too. I’m talking… Read more

Take It Outside!

Do you ever spend the amount of time it takes to go to the gym, thinking about going to gym? I did that today. Instead of jumping out of bed and heading to the gym to work on some weight training, I lay in bed wondering if I should go indoors or take my workout… Read more

Kickbox the Sand!

I just wrapped a whirlwind wedding weekend across two ends of the state. I was helping a friend with a wedding in Carlsbad Thurs-Sat. Then we went to Sacramento for another dear friends wedding on Sunday. The only semi-workout I even attempted to get was dancing on the dance floors and going up and down… Read more

Bands That Make Ya Dance!

I do a lot with my trusty resistance bands. I live by the beach so it’s near impossible to go indoors and workout when the sand, the waves, the sun, and the ocean air is calling me. So I often take my resistance bands to the beach and WORK IT! My mom makes an AWESOME… Read more

Let the PT begin…

I have now signed up for physical therapy and it’s ON. It sucks, but it’s ON! I gotta go twice a week to stretch and stretch and massage and stretch. You see, a big reason my fibula broke while I was running on sand was because all the muscles, tendons, and ligaments around my ankle,… Read more