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Rock n Roll Here We Come!

Obviously from the images, the Rock n Roll Marathon will definitely be a BAD@$$ run! I’m excited to see the course, hear the music, and run with all my fellow loony toon runners! My BBF Tom and I will be running together so that’s always a great time. Well, I say “together” but I really… Read more

Raising $$ and Run for Huntington’s Disease!

Chris and I are really excited to be running the SD Half Marathon this year on Sunday, March 13th. I’ve ran this course many times but this time I’m running for Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA.) I want to raise money to finally CURE this disease once and for all. Funding is always a huge factor, which is why any… Read more

What To Bring To Overnight Relay Run (as seen on Brooks Blog)

You’ve likely seen those ads for the Ragnar 24-hour relay races and other overnight team relays. One run takes you through the lovely rolling hills of Napa Valley, another one takes you across the coastline of San Diego. While several others include grueling trails up mountain peaks! That’s the type of relay my friends and I… Read more

My First Try at a Triathlon

Challenged Athletes Foundation. That’s really all I have to say when someone asks why I’m trying a Tri. This organization is literally providing amputees with the tools they need to live full lives – complete with sports, a whole lot of smiles, and newfound spirit. That feeling of losing a leg or arm is unimaginable.… Read more

On the Road with Ragnar!

Ragnar is a relay race that can take you to all kinds of cool cities through all kinds of terrain. I experienced my first Ragnar with some of my fave fools. A group of us former and current Reno (KTVN Ch 2! Woop!) news anchors get together at least once a year and take on… Read more

We Run SF!

Running the streets of San Francisco is like breaking out of captivity, a rebel who just wants the freedom to run his/her heart out. That’s because streets that are normally full of cars, cabs, buses, trolleys, etc. are full of thousands of runners for one morning. The hustle and bustle, horns, and yells of The… Read more

Edible Pedal 100 (1st: get bike)

I covered the EP100 scholarships for KTVN Channel 2 News in Reno where I was reporting and anchoring the morning show. We always say certain stories leave a lifelong impact and this was one of them. I met a couple Reno High students who were among 8 across Northern Nevada to receive an EP100 scholarship.… Read more