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If We All Did This One Small Thing…

Are you ready for something awesome we can all try together?! Why not unite us all in the name of the environment?! Now, this is not one of those challenges (see abs challenge) that may make you sore. It’s something that will save you money and help stop waste across the globe. We can change… Read more

SUP Sharks!

The title of this post really sums it all up. But I won’t just leave you with that because well, after my SUP experience I haven’t really been able to shut up about it! So I’d like to take this opportunity to explain to you how freakn’ cool it is to live in La Jolla,… Read more

My Love For Emme Diane

It all started in the gym. I know, who falls in love with skin care while they’re sweating? Well, I had the pleasure of meeting Emme Diane in the gym when I lived in Sacramento. She was working out like a champ and we both bonded over our desire to be strong and healthy. Come… Read more

Valleau in Barbados!

I’m so grateful I got a Valleau top before I left for Barbados. I was in Barbados for my wonderful cousins wedding and there will be much more to come on all of our adventures. In between SCUBA diving, snorkeling, dancing the nights away and soaking in the rich Caribbean culture and music, I HAD… Read more

WOAH! I totally have a NuFACE!

It’s been two weeks of using my NuFace five times a week and I’m really starting to see some changes. My face feels a lot tighter which is making me think I should change up my routine and use NuFACE right before the Nu-wscast (ha!) so I can show off my Nu-found look! It’s been… Read more

It’s time for a NUFACE!

Since I’m a news anchor, my face matters. I hate to sound like some sort of diva because I’m not. But hang with me as I explain my industry… I try to have a face with the least amount of distractions, that’s easy to watch, and pleasant to view because I want you to tune in… Read more

My New Toy!!

Christmas just showed up at my door in the form of a UPS delivery man!! I’m so excited and grateful for Vivitar and their awesome new camera! I get this amazing opportunity to put the Vivitar waterproof Action Camcorder (Full HD 1080) to work! This camera just got me super stoked for all that 2016 will bring!… Read more

WHAT THE CUP?! Saving the planet one cycle at a time.

One of my big New Year’s resolutions is to be more environmentally friendly. I strongly feel it’s our responsibility as humans to protect the planet. Who do we think we are?! Why are we using plastic all the time? Why do we think landfills won’t get too full? Why do we think wasting is ok?… Read more

Back from Broken Fibula (as seen in Brooks Blog)

GUEST BLOGGER FOR BROOKS: I started running when I was super young, just for fun. Around and around the park or in our backyard. This odd hamster habit continued throughout junior high and high school. I naturally signed up for track so I could continue enjoying hours and hours and miles upon miles on the… Read more

Is that Voss in Your Voss?!

This may seem like the simplest DIY project ever but I figure it can’t hurt to provide you this quick and easy tip on a great way to drink water . All you have to do is go to the gas station and grab a VOSS water bottle and refill it a jillion times forever… Read more

Magic in a Bottle

When you work on TV, what happens to your face can literally make or break you. When I started noticing that I was aging and gaining worry lines, I started to worry even more which then exacerbated the problem! There’s really no right way to worry, right? I was never too concerned with wrinkles until… Read more

Climb On a Versa!

They look so innocent just hanging out there agains the wall. But these small, simple machines are very deceiving. If you want to sweat and pant and feel sore all at once, then hop on a Versa Climber. I kid you not. I had never experienced one of these bad boys until I signed up… Read more

If Only Mats Could Talk…

I never thought I would even consider straying away from Lululemon’s The Mat. When I first got it (about 3 years ago) I realized I have found a safe haven to do tricks, twists, downward dog without slips, and lots of shavasana (nap time.) I love the texture and the way it allows me to… Read more

This Is How I Roll…

Foam Rolling hurts. There’s a reason why every trainer, fitness class, and workout video includes stretching. Just do it! If you don’t stretch you may end up feeling a pain similar to stubbing a toe, except the toe would be the size of your entire calf and the stub would involve a big foamy tube.… Read more

Bands That Make Ya Dance!

I do a lot with my trusty resistance bands. I live by the beach so it’s near impossible to go indoors and workout when the sand, the waves, the sun, and the ocean air is calling me. So I often take my resistance bands to the beach and WORK IT! My mom makes an AWESOME… Read more

Letter to Lulus

Dear lovely lulus, Thank you for making me look like I work out, even on days that I don’t. I love you for your strength and flexibility but also for your ability to make me looked “dressed up.” I would stay with you all day if I could and sometimes I do. I’m grateful to… Read more

NuFACE Friday Update

Here’s my NuFACE Friday update for y’all! I used my NuFace mini Monday-Thursday (4 times) this week and I wanted to let you know how it feels and show you how I look after just 4 days. First of all, using the NuFace is so much easier than I thought. At first I kind of… Read more