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If We All Did This One Small Thing…

Are you ready for something awesome we can all try together?! Why not unite us all in the name of the environment?! Now, this is not one of those challenges (see abs challenge) that may make you sore. It’s something that will save you money and help stop waste across the globe. We can change… Read more


I realized if I don’t have a plan for a workout then I won’t stick with a workout. Sounds simple enough but let me explain. I took a break from my gym memberships because I am trying to save some moolah. I’m sure a lot of people can relate, right? Instead, I thought I would be… Read more

Reason #1Jillion Why CAF is AWESOME… Heeeere’s Lindsay!!

2,000 grant recipients are getting the surprise of a lifetime this season thanks to the CAF Foundation, and CW6’s former assignment manager Lindsay Hood is one of them! She now gets a running blade from CAF so she can soon take on even more challenging athletic feats. Lindsay is usually behind the scenes at CW6 setting… Read more

SUP Sharks!

The title of this post really sums it all up. But I won’t just leave you with that because well, after my SUP experience I haven’t really been able to shut up about it! So I’d like to take this opportunity to explain to you how freakn’ cool it is to live in La Jolla,… Read more

Bloggers at the Beach Pop Up! YIPPEEEE!

As a follow up to my “Bloggers at the Beach” day with Surf Diva and  The Daly Dose twins, I wanted to show you our MAD SKILLZ!! Our instructors Marianne and Nate were so cool and patient with us so being out on the water at La Jolla Shores was a CINCH with them. What I really… Read more

My Love For Emme Diane

It all started in the gym. I know, who falls in love with skin care while they’re sweating? Well, I had the pleasure of meeting Emme Diane in the gym when I lived in Sacramento. She was working out like a champ and we both bonded over our desire to be strong and healthy. Come… Read more

Surf Diva’s Bloggers at the Beach Day!

One of my all-time favorite places is the ocean. Who doesn’t love the salty air, sand between the toes, and sound of waves crashing right? Well, for some people hopping on a board and surfing may seem intimidating. What if you fall? What if you get tossed around too much? What if too much water… Read more

Rock n Roll Here We Come!

Obviously from the images, the Rock n Roll Marathon will definitely be a BAD@$$ run! I’m excited to see the course, hear the music, and run with all my fellow loony toon runners! My BBF Tom and I will be running together so that’s always a great time. Well, I say “together” but I really… Read more

Valleau in Barbados!

I’m so grateful I got a Valleau top before I left for Barbados. I was in Barbados for my wonderful cousins wedding and there will be much more to come on all of our adventures. In between SCUBA diving, snorkeling, dancing the nights away and soaking in the rich Caribbean culture and music, I HAD… Read more

Praying For The Perk!

I like to call this one a “Praying For The Perk” because well, a lot of times when I’m in these positions I appear as if I’m praying. I’m also in so much pain that I probably should be praying! So all I’m trying to say is this workout will WORK! It’s great for your… Read more

Raising $$ and Run for Huntington’s Disease!

Chris and I are really excited to be running the SD Half Marathon this year on Sunday, March 13th. I’ve ran this course many times but this time I’m running for Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA.) I want to raise money to finally CURE this disease once and for all. Funding is always a huge factor, which is why any… Read more


5 weeks is going to fly fast so we better make the most of it! I’m feeling the pressure of this upcoming Jamaica trip because I want to show up to the beach with my boo and my besties and look like ROCK STARS! Cuz you know, that’s what we are! Here’s the plan… we’re going to… Read more

WOAH! I totally have a NuFACE!

It’s been two weeks of using my NuFace five times a week and I’m really starting to see some changes. My face feels a lot tighter which is making me think I should change up my routine and use NuFACE right before the Nu-wscast (ha!) so I can show off my Nu-found look! It’s been… Read more


Our dear friends Checkey and Jimmy are getting married in Jamaica!!! We’ve been sooo thrilled about this trip for the past year. Of course, because we adore Checkey and Jimmy and we are so so happy they found each other! Also, because of all the places to get married, they chose one of the coolest… Read more

It’s time for a NUFACE!

Since I’m a news anchor, my face matters. I hate to sound like some sort of diva because I’m not. But hang with me as I explain my industry… I try to have a face with the least amount of distractions, that’s easy to watch, and pleasant to view because I want you to tune in… Read more

My New Toy!!

Christmas just showed up at my door in the form of a UPS delivery man!! I’m so excited and grateful for Vivitar and their awesome new camera! I get this amazing opportunity to put the Vivitar waterproof Action Camcorder (Full HD 1080) to work! This camera just got me super stoked for all that 2016 will bring!… Read more

Who’s Barry Anyway?!

Ever been to Barry’s Boot Camp? Me neither, until NOW. My really, really, really, REALLY good friend and co-worker Linds likes a good workout. She’s at the gym pretty much every chance she gets and doesn’t like to waste her time when she’s there. So I set out to find the toughest workout in San… Read more

WHAT THE CUP?! Saving the planet one cycle at a time.

One of my big New Year’s resolutions is to be more environmentally friendly. I strongly feel it’s our responsibility as humans to protect the planet. Who do we think we are?! Why are we using plastic all the time? Why do we think landfills won’t get too full? Why do we think wasting is ok?… Read more

Work It with Cycle & Circuit!

I’ve never heard of a class that puts both cycling and circuit training into one AWESOME hour. But, why not get all the grueling stuff over with?! Armone’s Core Connection in La Jolla is a great place that does exactly that. First of all, the moment I stepped in the studio I got a perma-grin… Read more

Culture Shock!

I’ve been craving a change! And I’ve been wanting something that’ll still challenge my body the way Team Exos has but also add some dancing element. Because after all, I still plan on trying out for the Charger Girls next year so it’s definitely time to get my act together! I need to work on… Read more

What To Bring To Overnight Relay Run (as seen on Brooks Blog)

You’ve likely seen those ads for the Ragnar 24-hour relay races and other overnight team relays. One run takes you through the lovely rolling hills of Napa Valley, another one takes you across the coastline of San Diego. While several others include grueling trails up mountain peaks! That’s the type of relay my friends and I… Read more

My First Try at a Triathlon

Challenged Athletes Foundation. That’s really all I have to say when someone asks why I’m trying a Tri. This organization is literally providing amputees with the tools they need to live full lives – complete with sports, a whole lot of smiles, and newfound spirit. That feeling of losing a leg or arm is unimaginable.… Read more

Run, Squat, Run, Lunge, Repeat

It’s been beautiful around here, especially in the mornings. San Diego’s sunshine is not wanting to stop and I’m completely OK with that. All it does is make me want to get outside even more. Today I woke up frantic, in a panic, at 745am! My alarm didn’t go off! I’m supposed to be at… Read more