Bloggers at the Beach Pop Up! YIPPEEEE!

As a follow up to my “Bloggers at the Beach” day with Surf Diva and  The Daly Dose twins, I wanted to show you our MAD SKILLZ!! Our instructors Marianne and Nate were so cool and patient with us so being out on the water at La Jolla Shores was a CINCH with them.

surf instructors

What I really appreciated was when they would tell me when to turn my board and take the wave. That’s something I simply haven’t had much experience with. I don’t always know which waves is a good one take and what to look for.

neda on board

Having our instructors right next to me coaching me along, made it way more possible to catch every wave. And I am very proud to say I caught practically every single one of them!

neda surfing neda surfing 3 neda surfing 2 neda surfing 1

“Paddle, paddle, pop up” was all that went on in my head. Our Surf Diva instructors also explained to me that I should go parallel with the wave and not point my board towards the sand. GENIUS IDEA! It’s those little things that make all the difference. For having surfed daily in my early 20’s it’s amazing how easy it is to forget the skills. Surfing would always come so naturally to me and now I’m just so grateful for Surf Diva for refreshing me on how it’s done and reminding me that I can still feel confident on a board. There is an actual method to the magical madness!
surf talk surf instructortwin surfingCheck out The Daly Dose twins on their boards! They’re making waves and taking names!


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