Bands That Make Ya Dance!

I do a lot with my trusty resistance bands. I live by the beach so it’s near impossible to go indoors and workout when the sand, the waves, the sun, and the ocean air is calling me. So I often take my resistance bands to the beach and WORK IT! My mom makes an AWESOME work out buddy. Grab your mommy and some bands and call it a good, good day!

2014-07-24 11.46.31


2014-07-24 11.46.59

But today, I did not enjoy the surf and sand while workin’ it. Instead, I was watching Tedx Talks! I love them especially when my friends are speaking. Today I watched Kyle Bryant‘s talk, I kept hitting repeat… it was THAT good (see CURE FA post.) I needed to workout but I was so wrapped up in his speech that I didn’t want to leave my apartment, so I multi-tasked. I grabbed my resistance bands and started lifting in my kitchen and didn’t stop until my arms GOT HOT! You know the feeling, right?

Here’s what I did today:

bicep curls. 25 times each arm

shoulder lifts. 25 times each arm

Repeat 3 times

tricep lifts. 25 times each arm

Repeat 3 times

Bicep curl, shoulder lift combo. 25 times each arm (Arms on FIRE!)

overhead shoulder lifts with both arms. 25 times (repeat 3 times)


crunches on bouncy ball (or on floor) (100)

leg lifts. bring legs down slowly while lying on back (50)

plank 1 minute.

Repeat 3 times




Neda Iranpour

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