Back from Broken Fibula (as seen in Brooks Blog)


I started running when I was super young, just for fun. Around and around the park or in our backyard. This odd hamster habit continued throughout junior high and high school. I naturally signed up for track so I could continue enjoying hours and hours and miles upon miles on the road or the track. I was never a speedster, I was simply a long-distance finisher and I was completely happy that way.

Throughout college (Hook Em Horns!), I turned to running to keep my abs in check. But more importantly, it was the only time I could stop thinking about classes or what I was going to wear to the next party and simply “be.”  It was my escape and even a form of meditation. I ran my first marathon in college and I wanted to keep going! So I did. No matter what city I had moved to or where I was vacationing, I would always lace up my shoes and run out the door to be able to soak in sights in a way no car ride would allow. Now that I’m older (not old, just older) I appreciate running for the freedom. It allows my body to let loose and just go wherever it wants to go. It allows my brain to stop, so it too, can go wherever it wants to go. I’m a journalist, so information, ideas, stories, phone calls, emails and tweets are constantly swirling around me from the moment I wake up until I go to bed. But when I’m running I don’t allow those thoughts to disrupt my path. It’s my sacred time and nothing can interfere with where I am, what I’m feeling, and the view in front of me.

Throughout my years of running in high school, college, and beyond, I always had a hands-off my calves policy… READ MORE

My broken foot saga, as seen in photos:

stretching after a run at the beach before break

running along beach with fiance

Life before the big break of 2015. I loved to lace up my Brooks and race out the door. Like, ALLLLLL the time!

broke at work on 4pm launch day

 My ankle twisted while I was running along the beach barefoot (I should’ve worn my Brooks!) But I still wasn’t going to let a little pain stop me from our San Diego 6 4pm news debut!

“Break a leg”

really swollen two days after break

When I finally made it to the doctor two days later, my ankle was a CANKLE and my fibula was confirmed CRACKED!

under the desk at work

I got a walking boot and shiny silver shoes to match. A gals still gotta try to look good at work!

reporting on surf air in boot

I wasn’t too broken to fly a Surf Air plane across the state! A gals still gotta report on cool stories!

boot and book

I was told by my doctor to just chill out. So I tried to sit stil…

doing abs with aircast

I finally graduated to an air cast and was allowed to do minimal movement.

some weight training

These became my BFFs. I could still workout some of my parts.


Now that I’m all healed up, I still have to do this a lot. Like, ALLLLL the time!


Neda Iranpour

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Neda is an Emmy-award winning evening Anchor in San Diego, a cyclist, a marathon runner, a WBFF Pro & a member of the vegan club. She loves to share stories, including her own!