Abs Challenge!

Who’s ready for a challenge? ME! ME! You too?? Most people’s main area of concern is ABS, including me. C’mooooon abs, let’s get you where I want you to be for the summer – 6-pack preferred. So I decided to commit to doing a set of abs everyday for 30 days straight and I invite you to join me. This kind of thing is way more fun together, right?!

Abs challenge:

Step 1 – Crunches. A ball adds some extra crunching but it’s not necessary. 60 times.



Step 2 – Take that ball (or use a water bottle or anything) and pass it from your feet to your arms. Crunching up in the middle. 30 times.


2015-06-17 11.05.35


Step 3 – Side to Sides with a ball or nothing in your hands. 30 times.

2015-06-17 11.07.23

Step 4 – Flutter kicks. Extend your legs at a 45 degree angle from the ground and kick your feet up and down or in and out. 30 times.


Step 5 – Scissor kicks. Reach your elbow to your opposite knee and switch sides. 30 times.


Extra Credit – If you still have more juice in you, plank for a minute. Add 10-30 seconds to your plank every day and see how far you get! (planking at the beach gets you bonus points)


Disclaimer: I didn’t do my hair or put any make-up on for the making of this post. I wanted to show you that you can literally roll out of bed and onto your floor and get this abs challenge done! So I hope you end up in these positions for just a few minutes everyday for 30 straight days. Let me know if you want to join in and we will keep each other in check 🙂


Neda Iranpour

About the Author

Neda is an Emmy-award winning evening Anchor in San Diego, a cyclist, a marathon runner, a WBFF Pro & a member of the vegan club. She loves to share stories, including her own!