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Neda Iranpour

About Neda

I’m a journalist with a passion for writing, traveling, and giving people a voice. I started this blog to share my stories with the hopes this might give you ideas on how to explore the world around us, the heart inside you, and your own potential.

I will share stories about my career in news. I have worked for news stations across the West including Yuma, Reno, Sacramento, San Diego, and San Francisco/Bay Area. I continue to evolve in this constantly changing industry while striving to keep people’s faith in journalism. I work hard and always ask questions with an open mind ready to soak in the world’s various views. This hunt for answers will never end. There is much to be learned from the people, places, events that surround us. My job is to share the many perspectives with all of you.

From Fiji to Jamaica, Barbados to Prague, and Austria to Turkey with a whole lot in between. We’ve been so fortunate to travel the world. With friends and family scattered across the globe, my┬áhusband and I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring different cities as we visit our loved ones or meet new ones. GRATEFUL is an understatement. I look forward to experiencing much more together in the years to come while we embrace the world’s many cultures, foods, fashion, languages, traditions, and people. I strive to share those special moments with you!

I was a fitness competitor who faced many health challenges after competing. But that opened up a pandora’s box of knowledge that I’m embracing daily. From Ayurveda and veganism to weight training and long-distance running… I’ll try anything, do research, and overzealously strive to do what’s right for body, mind, soul, and community. I have many fitness goals from triathlons to SUP races, dancing, and marathons. I’ll be sure to take you along for the adventures.

Lastly, I want to encourage all of you to push past fears by putting love and passion first.┬áMay we recognize our wildest dreams and bring them to life! We’re on our way “UP” and we’re doing it together!


Lighten Up With Neda


Lighten Up With Neda


Lighten Up With Neda


Lighten Up With Neda