$5 Coffee Table (No, not a typo)

During our consignment shopping trip there was an item that most people walked around, dismissed, and perhaps thought it was trash. But through its warped wood and dingy crevices, I found treasure. Ya see, Chris and I wanted a beach-wood coffee table to match our cool couches. But apparently, that look is sooo hip right now that everyone wants it. So even consignment prices for beachy furniture are JACKED! We were already over budget for our couches so we were starting to think we would be without a coffee table for awhile. Floors are cool for plates too, right?!

Then enter – warped wood! Oak stained with a golden sheen, to be exact. This table was sitting out in the sun, in the clearance section. Yes, consignment stores have used items that even used-item-shoppers don’t want. So the golden sheen was greying in some spots. And I found that to be even more endearing. I grabbed Chris’s hand and took him across the yard to this little gem. He laughed and was pretty shocked that that table caught my eye. But then we both saw its potential. A little sanding, a little painting, and the coffee table of our dreams could become reality! And the best part? It was only 5 bucks! So even if we totally screwed it up, we wouldn’t be losing much.

So here’s how we did it, I’ll try to provide easy step by step instructions so that you too can turn $5 furniture into treasures. First you go to Home Depot and spend quadruple the price you paid for the table on the supplies you need to fix the table.

grey and white matte paint

sanding sponge



Then you get a cute boy to help you sand the table down to get rid of any “golden shimmer”.


Then you paint with grey, but feel free to leave as much brown coming through as you like to get a beachwood feel.

Add the white paint and some water to your mix as you apply more paint, this will keep the color to your liking. You can always “lighten up” the look by watering it down.


Make sure you get every crevice, so it can appear like the table came like this! No one will ever have to know its original worth. But then again, why would you hide a table-changing process like this one.


Let it dry outside, admire your artistry, take a photo with your accomplishment, then put it indoors where it belongs! ENJOY!








Neda Iranpour

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Neda is an Emmy-award winning evening Anchor in San Diego, a cyclist, a marathon runner, a WBFF Pro & a member of the vegan club. She loves to share stories, including her own!