1 Potato, 2 Potato… Sweet!

Quick and easy. That’s how I like my food. Well… vegan, gluten-free and super nutritious too. Not too demanding, right?

I barely make the time to clean my veggies, let alone chop them up nicely, so that’s partly why I enjoy potatoes (of all shapes, sizes, and colors!) They are super easy to clean and super easy to chop (with the right knife, of course.) So I grabbed 5 big-ish sweet potatoes and my giant sword (actually just the biggest knife we own) and chopped the potatoes up into rectangular, square, and triangular pieces. I figure it’s all going in the same place, I don’t really care what shape it is when it gets there. Oh, don’t forget to preheat oven to 375 degrees while chopping… I forgot and it felt like such a waste of time to wait on that beep! IMG_2541

Then put all potatoes into a baking dish and sprinkle sea salt, rosemary, and olive oil all over them.


IMG_2540 (1)

Pop into oven. Wait 20-30 minutes. Pull out of oven when the oil is boiling and the pieces are golden-ish. Wait a tad longer. Eat! (WARNING: you may be burn your fingers or mouth if you don’t wait long enough, but I have NO patience so I risk the burn every time.)



IMG_2555Caution: dropping one on the floor may feel extremely, dramatically, far too tragic. Don’t let it happen.



Neda Iranpour

About the Author

Neda is an Emmy-award winning evening Anchor in San Diego, a cyclist, a marathon runner, a WBFF Pro & a member of the vegan club. She loves to share stories, including her own!