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Abs Challenge!

Who’s ready for a challenge? ME! ME! You too?? Most people’s main area of concern is ABS, including me. C’mooooon abs, let’s get you where I want you to be for the summer – 6-pack preferred. So I decided to commit to doing a set of abs everyday for 30 days straight and I invite… Read more


Every Step is SUWEEET!

When you've been stuck in a cast, boot, and wrap for 6 months you have a newfound appreciation for every single precious step. Putting one... Read more »


SD Polo Opening Day

I just experienced a Sunday Funday like none other. It was a Sunday that we looked forward to for months. Some of my favorite people who... Read more »


1 Potato, 2 Potato… Sweet!

Quick and easy. That's how I like my food. Well... vegan, gluten-free and super nutritious too. Not too demanding, right? I barely make... Read more »

green beans

How I Fixed my Thyroid, Naturally

Ever since I lost the oomph in my pituitary gland (it literally stopped functioning!), my thyroid levels were off. That's to be expected... Read more »


This Is How I Roll…

Foam Rolling hurts. There's a reason why every trainer, fitness class, and workout video includes stretching. Just do it! If you don't... Read more »

sealy yoga

Do Backbends and Sit ups!

I had the absolute pleasure of starting and ending my Saturday with yoga and I can't tell you how amazing it felt! Prana (a company I... Read more »


$5 Coffee Table (No, not a typo)

During our consignment shopping trip there was an item that most people walked around, dismissed, and perhaps thought it was trash. But... Read more »


We Run SF!

Running the streets of San Francisco is like breaking out of captivity, a rebel who just wants the freedom to run his/her heart out. That's... Read more »